DIODE LASER HAIR REMOVALDiode laser hair removal is a non-invasive laser therapy that makes use of advanced device to remove unwanted hair from all areas of body.
This type of treatment for hair removal is clinically approved by Food and Drug Administration. This therapy is getting more and more popular because of the permanent hair remover facility which is not offered by any other equipment or methods.
The diode laser removal machine generates a light of particular wavelength (810nm) that is targeted at the melanin pigment present in hair shaft and follicle.
While penetrating in the hair roots it takes care of the outer skin by reducing surface temperature to avoid any kind of thermal injury.
The diode laser hair removal machine basically works by destroying the hair roots present in the particular area. As the machine is equipped with a cooling probe, the laser light beam first penetrates the skin at hair roots and causes simultaneous hair follicle removal.
The cooling probe constantly reduces the surface temperature during entire procedure. In one session most of the hair follicles come out with the applied gel.
The remaining hairs present in the area fall out in the span of one or two weeks. This means the effective laser machine targets multiple hair follicles at one time and eliminates them from the base.